Planetside 2: About Us

Zodiac Tactics is a competitive online group of gamers collaborating on Planetside 2 (Coablt EU). We specialise as a ground based tactical squad, and our reknown for delivering some of the most intense and diverse infantry strategies that have been larlegly succesful both on live server, and other events. The group has been active over 3 years, contributing to the games community events with an active scrim team, training schedules and LIVE-PLAY ops twice a week. The player base within our ranks have varius degrees of experience and skill, each focusing on specific areas of gameplay that offers our team versatility, and a mixed approach to any given combat situation. We focus on all of the core mechanics of ground infantry play to get the most out of a well oiled squad, using all the tools at our disposal such as independant fireteams, verbal communication and maintaining a good relationship with air to ground mobility options, to get our guys into fights efficiently with minimum downtime.

Regular top choice to represent our server as one of the top infantry outfits (All Members still with us) :~

Read our popular Reddit recruitment page here: Reddit Recruitment (OUTDATED)

To be a part of the Zodiac community is to become a trusted member of our group, and only people cut from the right cloth will stay as a full time member of the community, often Zodiac permenantly after they've been accepted. We have no restrictions regarding a member beinmg a part of another outfit, but they must be able to show they are a valuable member of the team when they are around. This applies to all members in the group for events and as such, everyone is expected to pull their weight, no matter who they are. Members who have been particulerly dedicated are represented as 'Zodiac Zealots' on the squad roster, they have been with us from the start and are the go-to guys if you need help or advice. Other major ranks include our Zodiac Veterans, who must be a minimum of BR100 and have been with us 6 months plus in order to qualify.

Each player in our ranks has been hand picked by the outfit leadership or recommended by a trusted friend or affiliate. This means that there are no random members om Zodiac, and everyone knows who you are, and what you bring to the squad diversity. It is expected of each member to participate in the group activities and contribute their skills to the situation where necessary. Each member of the group dedicates themselves to specific roles such as the following:

 - Aggressive Heavy Assaults
 - Reliable Infiltrators
 - Competitive Engineers
 - Combat & Support Medics

Once you have chosen your role you will operate as a squad shown below in a short training exercise :~

We have further training diagrams and images under our 'Guides & Tips' section of the forums. This will be made available to you upon acceptance.

What you bring to the squad will be discussed shortly after your application has been made based on the class choices you have given us or described on Less obvious specialisations will be considered and accepted on many occasions, not every choice needs to be so cut and paste example; Heavy or Medic Thinking outside the box opens up new and interesting stratagies within our squad play, which is welcomed. We have dedicated galaxy pilots, stalker specialists and godlike sunderer drivers that know their role well, and get the job done. In time you will find your role and contrribute with it in the same way.

With all of this in mind none of it would be possible without our communication backbone, an active website and a friendly community; this is one of the areas we excel at most. We host our own ts3 for communication, and it's compulsary to use it for any 'Zodiac Tactics' related activity. It is expected of you to view our web page atleast once every 2 days to keep up with events. We're all mature players, and there's no hand holding in Zodiac. If you miss an event, only you are to blame. There is no need to sign up for ops, but you must sign up for SCRIMS, Server Smash rosters, Lane Smash Reserves etc. All of this will be hosted on the site with times in CET Format. Since our group is so small in Planetside 2, you can get used to individual voices very quickly, identifying people and their skills is key to getting the most from the team. Youll likely be spending a lot of time with our vets, so it won't take long to find your place among people.

You can find a full list of our outfit members and their roles on our SQUAD ROSTER PAGE

The Aim of Zodiac Tactics

Our community set out to create a friendly environment where skilled players can join with similarly minded individuals that act as a single unit, rather than 3 entire squads of people that will never know who you are, or what you stand for. We strive to make a difference in planetside 2 and our leadership reflects that, dedicated to finding fights where a group like ours can make the most difference, not just rack up kills. We don't strive to be a group of people that just farm kills all day long in vehicles, or sitting there with a sniper just for directive points, we want our name on that base and most of all, we want the enemy to know that they've faced us. We're all competitive players and whilst we do enjoy winning a situation over, we never forget that we're essentially a gaming community, and a little fun goes a long way, so don't worry, ther'll be plenty of that too.

How to Join

If this style of small group tactics and prefered role system suits you, or you're looking to take your group gameplay to the next level, then you can contact us in various ways highlighted below.


Search for us in-game by using the 'search for outfit' tool search ~ Zodiac Tactics. If you'd rather a more direct approach, contact our group managers for more information.

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Alternatively you can apply directly on our website homepge Zodiac-Network

Join us on Teamspeak for any further questions:~

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